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Route 66 Classic Customer Care
Classic Care Club
As a customer of a ROUTE 66 RV Network dealer, you can rest assured that when you carry this card while you visit any ROUTE 66 dealer across the country you'll be treated like a friend.

They will seek to do whatever possible to meet your need quickly and get you on your way. Just make sure you mention you are a ROUTE 66 Customer when calling a dealer and show them your card when your arrive

                 Route 66 Classic Customer Care Promises:

1.                 You’ll be treated by every ROUTE 66 dealer as though you purchased your RV from them.


2.                 You’ll get 10 percent off any nonsale items purchased in ROUTE 66 parts stores.


3.                 Every effort will be made to diagnose your RV’s problem and place it in the service schedule within one service business day of your arrival.


4.                 To assist you in securing nearby accommodations and local transportation, if needed, while the service is being completed.


5.                 To make arrangements for you with another local service provider if that ROUTE 66 member dealer is unable to perform the service due to manufacturer warranty or other service requirements.


6.                 To honor the ROUTE 66 RV Network Ten Commitments as stated on posters displayed in all network dealerships.